Author resizeBeing a teenager in the ’50s meant seeing Elvis debut on TV, dancing to “rock and roll” at sock hops, and feeling rather self-conscious in most social situations.  But that latter trait may be endemic to adolescence, no matter the time period.

Growing up in Wisconsin provided another situation that I took for granted then – the clear shift of the four seasons, a reliable measure of moving forward. 

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In The Land Of Shiva – A Memoir

shiva new copy

From the book cover:

When Brother Jim leaves his comfortable life teaching in Catholic high schools and travels to India, he finds himself unprepared for the challenges he faces.

As he immerses himself in a land of unfamiliar customs and ancient religious traditions, he soon discovers that his mission has become deeply personal. Brother Jim questions not only all his vows, but his deepest beliefs.


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Postcards From Asia

Nepal-17 compressed

Emails, blogs, and free websites hosting our prize-worthy travel photos are today’s postcards.  Rare is the time these days when a small card appears in our home’s mailbox, showing some exotic land on one side, a curious foreign stamp on the other, and a hastily written note to us – which says really nothing, but which we are quite happy to receive anyway.

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Portraits of Asia