In The Land Of Shiva – A Memoir

ktm homeKathmandu Home, 1982-86.  This spacious residence provided a home for a varying number of us, usually around twelve.

We represented three different nationalities and five different mother tongues those first years.  English, the language of higher education in South Asia, became the language of the house.

We hired a talented Nepali man to cook for us, though he proved valuable in many more ways.

He knew which caste we should hire to clean out the septic tank, where there was a reliable carpenter to make furniture for us, and for which upcoming Hindu holidays he should have paid time off (there were many).

Our house became a gathering place for many Nepalis, Indians and expatriates, and our annual High Tea on Christmas Day hosted some forty to fifty people each year.

The novices—the young Indian men in training to become Brothers—shared a dormitory room (they preferred this to individual rooms) and pursued their studies in classes conducted by us in our own study hall.