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IN THE LAND OF SHIVA – A Memoir of Seven Years in India and Nepal

shiva_kindle“In The Land Of Shiva is a marvelous book, literally, a book filled with marvels.  Not only is it a poignant and often amusing, true adventure story, it’s also a profound journey inward into the “unseen world.”  In The Land Of Shiva invites us to take this fascinating spiritual excursion in the company of a wonderfully observant and emotionally sensitive man, a journey leading ultimately to an extraordinary and totally convincing place ‘beyond religion.'”

 Jeremy Taylor, author of The Wisdom of Your Dreams


“Jim is a fine storyteller who offers light humor and deep wisdom along with his tale of how he, as a Catholic Brother in India and Nepal, discovered not only pieces of those countries, but characteristics of himself in those exotic lands.  His inner task is nothing less than determining where spiritual authority really resides.  I highly recommend this journey to India, Nepal, and the human spirit.”

                                                      Betty Dietz, author of The Soul of Success


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